The Hassle Free, No Initial Visit Estimate

3 Easy Steps:

  1. Measure Garage – measure from garage door to back wall then left wall to right wall.
  2. Take pictures – stand in the middle by the garage door. Take pictures of all the walls with NO cars in the garage.
  3. Answer a few questions:
    1. Is the amount of stuff in the pictures of your garage the amount of stuff you are trying to store?
    2. Do you plan on parking any cars in the garage? If so, how many?
    3. What is the overall goal for your garage?

Based upon the information received, our designers will prepare a thorough estimate. You will receive, via email, your estimate along with a 3-D drawing of your proposed future garage. Your personalized dream garage package will be designed and crafted based upon over seventeen years of experience.

If the price of our estimate is within your budget and you wish to proceed, the next steps would include a meeting with one of estimators at your home. During this meeting you will be shown samples, color options, and the measurements will be confirmed.

Please send all images to

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